About Haven-X

Thousands of years ago, in a dimension separate from ours, the world of Haven-X was born.
In this world, the people, culture, and technology have evolved in very different ways compared to our world. Despite these differences, there are still some things that we can all relate with. For example, there are people living in towns and going about their everyday lives. Most days are calm and peaceful. Other days, mysterious and unexpected events happen which compel people to change. There are all sorts of characters living in Haven-X. Some are friendly, some are mischievous, and some are just plain cute. All of these things contribute to the rich and wonderful world known as Haven-X.

The human world and Haven-X have been cut off from one another for a long time.
But advances in technology have made it possible for us to communicate with those in Haven-X.
Would you like to come visit and interact with some of the people who live in Haven-X?


Viri Sylvaine

A kindhearted deer lady. Her family has been taking care of the forests around Haven-X for generations. When the time came for Viri to take care of her own land, her mother passed down a choker with a special symbol to her as a family heirloom. Viri currently tends to the park around the Onsen. Under her care, the park has grown from a tiny grove to an enchanting forest teeming with diverse life.

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Koa Himari

A mischievous monkey girl. She heard from a fellow baker one day that the best bananas grew in Bellacqua.
This led her to pack her bags and travel to Bellacqua. Once Koa met Viri and had a taste of bananas grown in Bellacqua, Koa knew she had found her new home. Koa moved to Bellacqua and has been selling banana-related baked goods ever since, with support from Viri.

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