Still Green Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") has established guidelines for secondary creation for all content related to the Haven-X Project. As long as you abide by these guidelines,there is no need for you to make individual inquiries regarding the secondary creation of our content.
In order for our contents to be familiar to as many people as possible, and for creators to enjoy their creative activities with peace of mind, we ask that you comply with the items listed in these guidelines.

Article 1 Scope of Application of the Guidelines

1. These guidelines apply to all secondary works related to characters and Haven-X that Company owns the rights to.
2. All of the provisions of these guidelines apply to secondary works created by "individuals" or "unincorporated organizations".
3. The terms “secondary works”, "derivative works", or “secondary creative activities”,refer to works or activities created by adding original ideas to Company's content(hereinafter referred to as "the Content").
4. By publishing a derivative work of the Content, the creator of the derivative work is deemed to have agreed to all of the terms of these Guidelines.

Article 2 Terms of Use

1. Illustrations, cosplay, manga, videos, etc. may only be used for personal activities and hobbies. Please refrain from using them for commercial purposes or corporate activities.
2. It is prohibited to use expressions that may lead to the misunderstanding that the work is an official work of Company in secondary works.
3. Please be considerate of the feelings of the talent involved.
4. Works with the following types of expressions may not be published:
(1) Works that are contrary to these guidelines, the terms and conditions individually stipulated by Company, or the intent and purpose of the Contents.
(2) Works that significantly damage the image of the Contents or injure the honor or dignity of a third party
(3) That which infringes the rights of any third party
(4) That which is offensive to public order and morals or contains antisocial expressions
(5) Those that include expressions that contain specific ideas, beliefs, religious or political messages.

Article 3: Permission to use secondary creative works by Company

1. Once your work has been published, you are deemed to have given your permission to Company, your talent, or a third party designated by Company to use it without restriction.
2. Company will consult with the creators of the derivative works in advance when making goods using the derivative works.

Article 4 Other precautions

1. The contents of these guidelines are subject to change without notice.
2. Please note that our company will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the revision of these guidelines.
3. Regardless of the provisions of these guidelines, Company or a right holder associated with Company may individually request that a user stop using the Content if Company deems it necessary.
4. The laws of Japan shall apply to the enjoyment of secondary creative activities of the Content.
5. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises between Company and you regarding the secondary creative activities of the Contents, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance of conflict.

We respect the creativity that is generated by the community. We are committed to creating an environment in which everyone can freely and creatively display their talents. Secondary creative activities have an impact on the community and beyond, so we hope that you will follow these guidelines and manners and express your "love" in a positive manner.
Thank you for your continued support of our project.